Can I Spray Water Methanol Injection Through My Eaton Supercharger?

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Every week and almost daily were asked this or similar questions by customers. It's a reasonable and understandable concern for those who are running an Eaton supercharger or any of the other positive displacement superchargers such as the Kenne Bell, Magnacharger, Whipple, Edelbrock etc. as the water methanol injection will be sprayed directly into the inlet of the supercharger and through its rotors. Read below as we answer the many questions asked regarding spraying water methanol injection through positive displacement superchargers. 

Is it safe to spray water methanol injection through my supercharger?

Yes, its safe to spray water methanol injection through your supercharger. We have set up hundreds of systems for customers over the years who are doing just this. Furthermore, you can find countless others on the internet who are doing the same with competitors systems. 

Spraying through the supercharger is extremely effective way of cooling off the supercharger and its rotors and housing. So much that if you are familiar with how hot your supercharger is after shutting of the car just after normal driving. If you ever get the opportunity to watch your car dynoed in person. After they finish a pull. Walk over and cautiously place your hand on the supercharger. It will feel warm to the touch and sometimes almost cool. Where as without the water methanol injection, you wouldn't be able to touch it! 

I have found this to be a quick and easy way to tell if the water methanol injection has fired off during a run on the dyno before waiting for the data to display on the dyno's computer showing air temps. Try it out for yourself and you'll be surprised how cool your supercharger feels with water methanol injection. 

Will it hurt the bearings on my supercharger

No, the water methanol injection will not hurt your bearings. We have customers who have been running water methanol injection through their positive displacement superchargers, on daily drivers, for years without any issues. 

While we can not see inside the supercharger while the methanol is spraying. We can tell from looking at other information and signs. It appears the majority or entirety of the water methanol injection is flashing off instantly once it comes in contact with the hot rotor pack and housing. The water methanol injection is short lived and evaporates to quickly to make its way back and into the bearings. 

Will it pit or corrode my supercharger?

No, spraying water methanol injection will not pit or corrode your supercharger. While it's a reasonable and understandable question since the supercharger rotors and housing are made of aluminum. The methanol is too shorted lived and evaporates immediately before it is allowed time to effect the aluminum surfaces.  Unlike if you store methanol in a aluminum container where over a period of days and weeks it will eventually corrode and pit the aluminum. 

Will it effect the coating on my supercharger? 

Yes, for many of the superchargers, those which are not anodized, over time it will remove the thin coating on the rotors. If you were to ever remove the rotor pack after having ran the water methanol injection for a period of time. They will almost look like they have been polished. While the water methanol injection will remove this coating. It has not proven detrimental or effected the performance of the supercharger. This coating is designed to wear and will eventually deteriorate over time regardless if water methanol injection is used. 

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